How To Make A Rainbow Fish

How To Make A Rainbow Fish

Jun 06 , 2021


Sharkszors Team

We recently read a book by Marcus Pfister The Rainbow Fish. We loved it and decided to make our version of the fish out of coloured paper. 

This simple paper fish craft takes about 10 minutes  so it’s a perfect boredom buster for weekend. Let's have fun.

Supplies needed for this project
  • 6 differently coloured papers
  • one thicker paper in blue colour (any other colour will also be fine)
  • a pair of scissors
  • a pen
  • googly eye
  • selfadhesive photo stickers  
Making of rainbow fish
  • Take the thicker paper lay it down vertically and fold it from left to right so that its corners meet up. You can use construction paper if you have it on hand.
  • Take the pen and draw an outline of half of a fish (like shown in the picture 3)
  • Cut with the scissors along the linePaper folded and marked
  • Take the scissors and cut along the line
  • When opened, it shoud have the shape of the fish now
  • Fold the body of the fish in half like shown in the picture 
  • make 2 inch cuts spaced1/2 inch apartFolded and cut fish shaped paper
  • take those differently coloured papers and cut 1/2 inch wide strips
  • insert the first strip in between the cutts (go under and over like you would swimm dolphin style)
  • insert the second strip in opposite way (go over than under)
  • follow the pattern alternately with the rest of the coloursInsertion of the coloured strips in the cutts on the fish
  • draw the eye or use googly eye instead
  • draw the mouth, or cut it out of coloured paper as wellFish with coloured paper stripes
We have added some triangles on the tail just to make it more fun and colourful. Finished Rainbow Fish Sharkszors
And voila, our Rainbow Fish is ready to swimm the sea. Hope you enjoyed our little project and will make your own rainbow fish. If you do, send us the picture in the comments section, we would love to see it.
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