Story about Simon

Story about Simon

Mar 21 , 2021

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Sharkszors Team

SHARKZORS project started a few years ago when our son Simon was three years old.

We knew how important scissors cutting skills are for motor skills development and we knew that he has started using safety scissors in kindergarten and thought it was safe to buy him a pair to have at home. What could possibly go wrong, right?

Watch the video of our story:

We went to the store and Simon chose a pair of shiny and colourful kids safety scissors.


Coming home Simon was excited to try his new scissors under our close supervision. He seemed to have everything under control. He was peacefully cutting a piece of paper he just coloured.

After about half an hour, Simon decided cutting was no longer interesting, he left scissors at the table and went to his room to play with his favorite superheroes.

Then, he came back to cut some more. We were paying attention to what he was doing but it seems that neither of us really thought anything bad might happen. I guess we were too confident.


All of a sudden, Simon leaned back a bit too much, his chair flipped and BAM !!! – he fell holding the scissors, managing to cut his right thigh in the process.

It all happened so quickly! Simon was scarred and crying. We ran to help him. Luckily, Simon’s cut was just superficial.

What we were left with however was the question “what if?” What if he stabbed himself? What did we do wrong? Could we have done anything to prevent it? Can it happen again? All we knew was that we might not be so lucky next time.

This is how the idea of Sharkszors came about, we knew we wanted to diminish any chance of our child injuring himself or others with a pair of what should have been safety kids scissors.


1 comment

  • Marco Vidal

    A great product and story behind it. My daughter (3 year old) really loves it.

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