How it all started

SHARKZORS project started a few years ago when our son Simon was three years old. We knew how important scissors cutting skills are for motor skills development and we knew that he has started using safety scissors in kindergarten and thought it was safe to buy him a pair to have at home. What could possibly go wrong, right? We went to the store and Simon chose a pair of shiny and colourful kids safety scissors.

It all happened so quickly! Simon was scared and crying. We ran to help him. Luckily, Simon’s cut was just superficial.

Simon's mum
Simon and his parents

Coming home

Coming home, Simon was excited to try his new scissors. He was cutting a piece of paper he has just coloured. After half an hour, Simon decided cutting was no longer interesting, he left scissors at the table and went to his room to play. Then, he came back to cut some more.

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Simon focused



The safest and the most attractive kids’ scissors in the world. These thoroughly designed and engineered safety scissors for children feature completely inaccessible blade cutting zone, as well as attractive blades cover that doubles as bulletproof protection from cutting and stabbing injuries. A patent-pending innovation that performs as well as it looks.

Prevention of major injuries

A protective cover is designed to be stiff enough to withstand even a heavy impact without breaking. A child can not make contact with blades even if it falls directly onto them.

“Rubberized” design

No sharp edges! Where it was not possible to avoid sharp edges we've found an innovative way around a problem – soft rubber fins, an exclusive feature of our patented design.

Prevention of Lacerations

Blades are hidden underneath protective cover during cutting. This helps prevent fingers accidentally get in contact with blades.

Completely recyclable

SHARKSZORS™ are designed so they could be easily dismantled and different materials separated from one another to aid recyclability.

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