The absolute safety for a child when making its first cuts.  SHARKSZORS™  innovative features enable each parent to be completely sure that their children can not accidentally harm themselves or other children using these scissors.  

Unlike other safety scissors, SHARKSZORS™ are designed so children can even use them independently without supervision.

Independent use of SHARKSZORS™ teaches children to act more responsibly on their own while not being exposed to any kind of risk.


Avoiding unintentional contact between fingers and blades




Blades are hidden underneath protective cover but that is where the story actually begins and not ends. Although they look symmetrical at a first glance, right and left side of SHARKSZORS™ are quite different in a „form follows function“ sort of way.

This aids in  better satisfying two diametrically opposite demands; erasing the possibility of fingers get in contact with blades, and better visibility when cutting.


Prevention of electric shock




Inability to make contact with electrical outlet is a feature majority of safety scissors utilising metal blades are, at least, only partially fulfilling.

SHARKSZORS™ have you covered.

Prevention of major injuries




Protective cover is designed to be stiff enough to withstand even a heavy impact without breaking. A child can not make contact with blades even if it falls directly onto SHARKSZORS™. SHARKSZORS™ stay safe as blades stay covered no matter if blades are open or closed.


Inserting the paper with ease


Inserting-the-paper-with-easeInserting-the-paper-with-easeDesigned specifically for cutting paper and thin cardboard only because we are pretty sure a small child shouldn’t be left an option of cutting anything else!

Safety scissors are primarily used as a tool for developing fine motor skills through what children see as play.  

SHARKSZORS™ have one additional feature; inserting the paper in „shark's“ mouth. If a child can not get this done in an instant, it is a clear indication that it is not yet capable of safely making his or hers first cuts.

Meaning if regular safety scissors were used the risk of getting cut would still be too great. There’s no such risk when using SHARKSZORS™.


“Rubberised” design


 Avoidance of all sharp edges! Where it was not possible to avoid sharp edges and other “pointy” stuff we've found an innovative way around a problem – soft rubber fins! Exclusive feature that further improves safety of  SHARKSZORS™.


Easier cutting with SHARKSZORS™


SHARKSZORS™ allow easier cutting with less paper jamming due to several built-in-cover features for directing the paper being cut. A world’s first. 


Ergonomics of SHARKSZORS™


 Just because SHARKSZORS™ have very little resemblance to regular kids’ scissors doesn't mean they are ergonomically compromised. We admit it was extremely challenging to add superb ergonomics to the basic form but we did it. Holding SHARKSZORS™ feels as natural as it should!


Total recyclability of SHARKSZORS™




SHARKSZORS™ are designed so they could be easily dismantled and different materials separated from one another to aid recyclability.



 Attractiveness of SHARKSZORS™



 When designing SHARKSZORS™, we looked at cartoon characters and depicted some of the most common features that they had. In general, SHARKSZORS™ are designed to look friendly and attractive to children, both girls and boys.

So far, we haven’t spotted a single child not smiling when given SHARKSZORS™ ☺


SHARKSZORS™ quality control


SHARKSZORS™ quality-control

 Everything, from securing raw materials for our product, molds manufacturing, injection molding and packaging is made in-house under controlled conditions.

 In a word; as an owner of SHARKSZORS™ your child gets unique, almost toy-like alternative to standard safety scissors while you as a parent get a complete peace of mind.
Every aspect of SHARKSZORS™ has been through a lot of thinking, designing, prototyping and re-thinking resulting in sophisticated styling and undeniable attractiveness...and most of all, unrivalled level of safety for your child when making its  first cuts!