How Much Internet Is Too Much For Preschoolers?

How Much Internet Is Too Much For Preschoolers?

Jun 12 , 2021


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In time of technological development children are starting to use the Internet at an earlier age. That is why it is not surprising that, when it comes to technology, they manage better than their grandparents, and even their parents. However, the question is how much time should preschool children spend on the Internet?

Experts are increasingly talking about the benefits, but also about the dangers of the Internet. They warn the youngest, but also parents, that the child should not access the content alone by themselves.

Dangers on the internet for young ones

Children Up To The Age Of Two Or Three Should Not Use Screens

According to brain development, at this age the screens cause too much brain stimulation. The child's brain is still not ready for such information and cannot receive and process it, and as a result the child may have various developmental disorders (eg attention deficit, irritability…).

A child from birth explores the world through the sense of sight, touch and taste. At the age of three, it is very important that the child develops face-to-face relationships with other people. Normal brain development requires a balance of stimulation from the environment and human contact. The stimulation to which we expose the child's mind is crucial to his development.

A child under duvet scrolling the tablet screen

Importance of playing with peers

Various online games should not replace playing with peers. Play is a way for a child to learn about themselves, others and the environment.

Through play, the child:

  • develops, discovers and explores the world and its possibilities
  • the child develops motor, cognitive, emotional, social and speech skills
  • the child develops a sense of competence and self-esteem
  • through play with peers, communication skills are also developed (non-verbal communication, learns to listen…)
How much Internet is enough?

The World Health Organization recommends that children under the age of two should not use screens. Preschool children can use screens for a maximum of two hours a day.

Some authors give different guidelines, that children up to three years of age should not be exposed to any screen content at all, and that children from three to five years of age should be exposed to content appropriate for that age for a maximum of one hour a day.

Useful tips
  • Do not allow computers in the room
  • Instead of puzzles and coloring books on the Internet, buy them real ones

  • Introduce new activities like crafting, playing outside, etc. Cartoons do not have to be watched every day

  • Monitor what your child is doing

  • Get involved in the game

  • Reward the child with a smile when he succeeds, not with material things

  • Choose cartoons carefully, avoid those with violent content

  • Create a daily activity schedule

  • If you run out of ideas click here, you'll find some cool ideas to play with your kids off screen 
Father and son separated by mobile phone screens

Dealing with the Internet and similar things in an uncontrolled measure certainly distances family members from each other, and brings developmental and functional problems to children.

Remember, your little ones are learning from you!

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