Collage Making

Collage Making

May 29 , 2021


Sharkszors Team

By definition, collage is the art of making a picture in which various materials or objects like paper, cloth or photographs, are stuck onto a larger surface. It’s an art form that many well-known artist use.

It’s creative, easy to make and suitable activity for children. It’s also great practice for developing fine motor skills (read more about why developing fine motor skills is so important in one of our previous posts here).

Supplies needed for collage making are:

  • paper

  • glue

  • scissors

  • pictures cut out of magazines or catalogues

  • coloured paper

  • fabric

  • dried pasta, cereal or rice

  • sequins, glitter, foil

  • leaves, flowers, grass, feathers, sand

  • buttons

Pretty much anything that can be glued to a paper surface

How to do collage

Cover the table or the floor (whatever works best for your child) with some paper to keep the mess under control.

Set up a theme like a flower garden and explain to your little one what he can use out of the supply box to make a flower garden collage. Or you can stay aside and let him choose his path.

Put a paper in front of the child, and a box filled with various collage supplies and let him do the magic. You should only be a helping hand when/if your child needs it.

Collage maritime theme

For our collage we’ve used tissue paper, collage paper, crepe paper, self-adhesive foil, a piece of fishing net, an ice-cream stick, cotton buds, scissors and some glue. Our theme was maritime, as you can see in the picture.

Spending Quality Time With Children

Collage making with your child is a good opportunity to spend some quality time with him. It’s also a great opportunity to start asking questions and making a conversation about what he is doing.

Younger children will probably have a shorter attention span but that’s perfectly fine. Let them finish it at their own pace. It’s supposed to be fun and entertaining.

Remember, whatever your child does it’s his artwork and you should give him a lot of praise for what he did. We would love to see his masterpiece 😊

Who knows, maybe he will become the next well-known artist.

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