How Simon And Simona Helped DebeLee Gain His Self-esteem Back

How Simon And Simona Helped DebeLee Gain His Self-esteem Back

Jul 21 , 2021


Maja Milinovic Margeta

One day on the beach, Simon was playing with his sister Simona. They were splashing one another, playing with the ball and enjoyed Orange's company. Orange was beating them in playing with the ball because she had 8 arms. The only way they could beat Orange in this game was to find another pair of hands (fins in this case :) ). 

Simona remembered that she saw a whale on the beach. He was sunbathing. It was a bit awkward that he was covered with the towel especially because it was during the third heat wave in Rogoznica.DebeLee, Simon, Simona and Orange at the beach

Simon and Simona approached DebeLee and asked him if he wanted to play with them, but surprisingly, he wouldn't. He covered himself with the towel even more than before and said that he was too big to play with them. Nobody ever wanted to play with him because of his weight. He felt awful because of that.

When Simon and Simona heard those words they told him that their parents always say that it is not important what is on the outside. What matters is on the inside. The beauty has many forms and being good and nice to others is probably the most beautiful thing you can be. 

DebeLee remembered that he was always nice to others, even when others weren't so nice to him. Maybe this time will be different, he thought. He was still a bit scared not to get hurt again, but Simon and Simona were so persuasive that he decided to remove the towel and go play with them.Simon, SImona and DebeLee playing in the sea

The three of them managed to beat Orange in the ball game and were extremely excited about that. Orange was ok with it because when the kids that you are playing with are nice and funny, you don't mind loosing the game ( or maybe even letting them win 😉). The most important thing is that everyone is happy and satisfied after playing with others.Sharkszors Simon and Simona, DebeLee and Orange on the beach

DebeLee finally found friends that like him for who he is, the nicest and most generous kid there is. His new friends helped him gain so needed self-esteem and he never covered himself with the towel again. He knew now that his mum and dad were right telling him that he will find true friends one day if he can only be patient. True friends love you for who you are, and not what you look like. Remember that!

Simon, Simona DebeLee sunbathing

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