Paper Snail Craft For Kids Tutorial

Paper Snail Craft For Kids Tutorial

May 01 , 2021


Sharkszors Team

Are you ready for something fun and crafty? We are making the whole crew of colourful paper snails today. It will be quite easy to make them with our free printable snail template.

You will make your own paper toys and will be able to play with them afterwards.

Scroll down to see how to make them and to get your free snail template.

Paper Snail Crew

Snail Crew Craft Supplies:

  • free printable snail craft template
  • 4 differently coloured cards or thick paper
  • scissors
  • 4 straws
  • glue
  • sellotape
  • paper hole puncher
Snail Crew Craft Supplies


This craft is perfect for kids' hands. If your little ones love smaller snails, you can print the template in portrait instead of landscape orientation. That way you will get teeny-tiny snails for your children to play with.

You can even print them out on a white paper and let the kids colour the stripes the way they want to. Another way of artistic expression as well as the perfect personalization of their diy toy. 😊


How To Make A Paper Snail Crew You Can Play With

Download and print the 3D Paper Snail Crew Craft template on 4 differently coloured papers. (Subscribe to get Free printables VIP acces.)  (1)

Cut out the paper strips and the circles for the eyes (picture 2)

Paper strips and circles cut out.

Fold in the middle one of the longest strips of every colour and glue the sides together (picture 3)

Roll up all the other strips and glue them to form circles (picture 4)

Folded stripe and rolled up stripe


Put circle 3 into circle 2 and glue them together along the middle. Repeat the same procedure by putting those two glued circles into circle 1 and glue them along the middle. (picture 5)

Glue the circles (which now form cylinders) towards the back of the snail's body (picture 6)

Cylinders that form the upper part of the snail

Punch two holes in the front part of the snail's body (picture 7)
Through these holes insert a straw folded in two and cut them evenly (picture 8)

Punched holes and inserted straws in the snail's body.

Tape the eyes on the upper part of the straw or use the self adhesive eyes and you're done.  😊

Paper Snail Craft Crew

You can mix and match the colours and get a bunch of different snail characters for you to play with. Enjoy in a wonderful play. You've earned it. 

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