Scissor Skills By Age 3-7 Years

Scissor Skills By Age 3-7 Years

May 15 , 2021


Sharkszors Team

In our previous post, we were talking about scissor skills by age 2-3 years. Today we are explaining how the child develops furthermore at the age of 3-4 years.

3-3.5 Years

Your child can hold the scissors with a neutral wrist. Holds the paper with palm partially up and manages to keep the paper steady. At that age, your child is able to cut along a 6-inch line. It won’t be accurate, but that is perfectly fine. Most of the cutting will be within ½ inch of the cutting line.

3.5-4 Years

At this stage, the child should be able to parallelly coordinates holding both the paper and the scissors with a neutral wrist. First, the child will start to cut on a curved line followed by cutting out of the paper their first shape, a circle. The accuracy further improves. They are able to cut on a 6-inch straight line within ¼ inch of the cutting line.

4-5 Years

The child should be able to cut a square out of the paper. The accuracy will be within ¼ inch from the cutting line.

Child crafting with scissors, paper and glue

5-7 Years

At this age, a child will be able to cut out various shapes and pictures. The hand that holds the paper moves synchronously with the hand holding the scissors. Cutting with scissors becomes fluid.

In our freebies section you will find quite a bit of practising materials for your child. We recommend to start with Sharkszors scissor skills checklist 2-3 Years, and follow up with Sharkszors scissor skills checklist 3-7 Years.

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