Games With Ball for kids 4-7 years

Games With Ball for kids 4-7 years

Jun 30 , 2021


Sharkszors Team

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The ball is a favourite children's prop that can be used in shaping exercises and in various polygons. It is ideal for elementary and relay games because it requires dexterity, precision, agility, dynamics and speed.

Balls are ideal props because they enable the adoption and improvement of the technique of all sports games, and at the same time sharpen sight and hearing. When working with children, small, large and medium balls made of materials such as sponge, rubber, leather or plastic are used. Below is an overview of some ball games for preschoolers.

Kids playing with ball

1. Legs

Mom, dad and children of all ages can take part in this game. All lie on the floor in one circle. Put the ball between your legs and try to pass it with your legs instead of arms. This game is extremely funny, but it is also a kind of exercise for the abdominal muscles.

2. I clean to keep it clean

When you are busy with household chores and do not have time to play, try to entertain and "employ" the child by allowing him to just paint on a ball with the help of lightly rinsed felt-tip pens. Of course, the child will try his best to decorate his favourite ball, but it will constantly fall out of his hand. Children love such repetitive actions, and they can also learn something about patience. Later you can make a bath and bathe it together in a lot of foam.

Kids playing soccer

3. Throw and jump

This game is also played with multiple children or family members. Let everyone stand in a circle. When one player passes the ball to another player in the circle, he must shout loudly, "Jump!" or "Throw!" or “Hop!”. If a player shouts “Jump!” the one for whom the ball is intended must jump, but also catch the ball. If he shouts "Throw!", The player receiving the ball must throw it as fast as possible, and if "Hop!" Is heard. the player receiving the ball must pass it over his back with a jump.

4. Give me the ball

This game can be played in pairs. Take towels from the bathroom and one medium-sized ball. Try to add the ball to yourself with a towel by throwing it out of the towel, and the child tries to catch it with his towel and vice versa. Instead of a ball, you can also use balloons here, as well as beach balls, especially if you are playing indoors.

5. Tunnel

Stand at a certain distance from the child and spread your legs. Then encourage him to roll the ball in such a way that it aims exactly "through the tunnel". When you cover a certain distance, move even further. In this way, children practice precision and strength and learn about distances and relationships between objects.

Dad playing soccer with kids

7. Bees

Bees fly around the marked area until at one point the parent overturns the bucket with colourful balls (red, blue, green and yellow). Then the game begins and the goal is to collect the balls as quickly as possible, but the green balls go in the green bucket, the blue in the blue, etc. The goal is to collect all the balls and arrange them correctly in the buckets.

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